High School Students Scientific Calculator (2 Line Display) FX-82ES

High School Students Scientific Calculator (2 Line Display) FX-82ES

Scientific Calculator FX-82ms 240 Functions 10 digits Students Back to School Calculator, very good Student Calculator for Study Math and Examination .

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252 Functions
From simple to complex, this scientific calculator ensures that your numbers are all sorted out by giving you the ability to perform 252 different functions, all in one single body.

10 + 2 Digits
The calculator displays 10-digit mantissa + 2-digit exponential when it comes to numbers making calculation much easier and widening the horizon for the kind of calculations you need to get done.

Multi-Replay Function

You can quickly get back a few steps to re-check and change formulas if there was a mistake and the replay is faster than ever.

Plastic Keys

Plastic key sont his calculators help give you easy using and longer life so you do not have to replace your calculator that soon.

Dot Matrix Display

This form of display ensures high resolution viewing and also that your graphs are great looking and have better clarity.