Student Scientific Calculator (2 Line Display) FX991MS

Student Scientific Calculator (2 Line Display) FX991MS

Student Scientific Calculator Casio fx-991ms with 2 Line Display and 401 Functions , hot sale Scientific Calculator mostly used for High School Students . Professional China Calculator Manufacturer, we designed and produced calculators to US , India, South America, Europe, Middle East for 15 years , can offer the calculators with high level quality . please contact us immediately for further detailed information.


401 Functions: Exclusively designed with multi features, this calculator is a best tool to carry out various mathematical functions such as scientific calculations, metric conversions, statistics and logistic operations.

2-Line Display: In the 2 line display of this calculator, you can have a better view and easily understand the entry of data as well as obtained result at the same time.

10 + 2 Digits: This scientific calculator has the capacity to display 10 + 2 digits making it easier to carry on more complex calculations.

STAT Data Editor, Standard Deviation, Normal Distribution Calculations, Regression Analysis: You can easily solve out various statistical operations relating to standard deviation, regression analysis and also edit the statistical data with the improved technology of this calculator.

Multi-replay Function: The special multi-replay feature of this calculator enables you to recall and edit the already executed formula.

Slide-on Hard Case: To protect the surface of this calculator from scratches, there is a hard case provided which can also be easily slided and handled.

Solve Function: This calculator features a solve function which helps you to solve an equation without much effort.

Dot Matrix Display: For a better view and understanding of graphs, this calculator comes with a dot matrix display.

Plastic Keys: The plastic keys guarantee easy and quick operation.

Special Features

Up to 260 Functions
Extra Large High Contrast Clear Display
Key Operations are Stored in Buffer
9 Variable Memories
Matrix Calculations
Equation Calculations
Vector Calculations
Battery Size: AA